Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is a voice synthesis AI software, created by Dreamtonics, and is a pioneering force in the realm of music technology, especially in vocal synthesis. 

With the power of AI and advanced signal processing, this tool can impeccably mimic the intricacies of a human singing voice, transcending traditional boundaries. 

Whether you’re working with asterian or solarias tones, or delving into cross-lingual projects, this synthesis tool facilitates an unparalleled vocal experience. 

With Synthesizer V, producers can craft songs with hyper-realistic, customizable vocals, echoing the essence of popular platforms like Vocaloid. 

Synthesizer V, akin to a Vocaloid in its innovation, marks its territory as a revolutionary bridge between technological advancement and musical artistry.

Synthesizer V Features

Synthesizer V is a vocal synthesizer tool that offers many intriguing features tailored to the needs of modern music producers. Some of its standout features include:

  • Life-like and Responsive Vocals: Harnessing the power of deep neural networks, Synthesizer V can generate vocals that closely resemble the warmth and tonality of the human voice.
  • Offline Functionality: Despite its reliance on advanced neural networks, the synthesizer operates entirely offline, ensuring uninterrupted access.
  • Unlimited Vocal Expressions: Users can experiment with a growing library of voices and customize them using dynamic vocal modes such as chest, belt, and breathy.
  • Live Rendering: This feature allows users to visualize modifications in waveforms in real time, aiding in reducing hearing fatigue.
  • Cross-Lingual Synthesis: Synthesizer V supports vocals in English, Japanese, and Chinese, and can even empower voices to sing in any of these languages.
  • Clean Vocals for Professionals: Generate pristine vocal tracks by simply importing a MIDI file and entering the lyrics.
  • Integration with VST3 and AudioUnit: The Pro version of Synthesizer V seamlessly integrates with popular music production interfaces.

Synthesizer V Use Case – Real-World Applications

Synthesizer V is the perfect tool for music producers seeking to elevate their tracks with realistic vocals. Its potential applications include:

  • Music Production: Create tracks with vocals that rival the quality of human singers.
  • Jingles and Advertisements: Produce catchy jingles with customizable vocals.
  • Film Scoring: Add vocal elements to movie scores for added depth.
  • Video Game Soundtracks: Enhance gaming experiences with lifelike singing.
  • Virtual Concerts: Use Synthesizer V for virtual performances.
  • Language Learning: Utilize the cross-lingual feature for language instruction.
  • Experimental Music: Push the boundaries of what’s possible in sound design.

Synthesizer V Pricing

Synthesizer V offers a range of pricing options to cater to different needs. The Pro Edition is available for purchase and comes with a host of advanced features. 

This includes unlimited tracks, customizable AI pitch generation, integration with VST3/AU plugins, and many more dynamic features that enhance the user experience.


What makes Synthesizer V unique in the realm of vocal synthesizers?

Synthesizer V utilizes advanced AI and deep neural networks to produce vocals that closely mimic the human voice, offering unparalleled realism and flexibility.

Is Synthesizer V an online tool?

No, Synthesizer V functions independently offline, providing users uninterrupted access to their projects, despite its neural network-based operations.

Which languages does Synthesizer V support?

Synthesizer V supports vocals in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Additionally, it offers a cross-lingual synthesis feature.

Can I integrate Synthesizer V with other music production software?

Yes, the Pro version of Synthesizer V integrates seamlessly with popular interfaces like VST3 and AudioUnit.

Is there a learning curve associated with using Synthesizer V?

With its sophisticated capabilities, Synthesizer V also offers an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for both novices and seasoned professionals.

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