Aidaptive AI

Aidaptive is an eCommerce AI platform designed to deliver personalized shopping experiences. 
This AI-powered tool automatically analyzes data and personalizes key revenue touchpoints in real-time, such as product recommendations, search results, email campaigns, and more. 

The platform uses predictive analysis to determine the best products to promote based on numerous personalization factors. Powered by Jarvis ML technology, Aidaptive promises enterprise-grade machine-learning capabilities tailored to every store’s needs.

Aidaptive AI Features

Aidaptive is an eCommerce AI tool with many impressive features for online store owners. Some of the features include:

  • Personalization for every visitor, including anonymous visitors.
  • Automatic predictive analysis for product promotion.
  • Real-time personalization of key revenue touchpoints.
  • Enterprise-grade machine learning with Jarvis ML technology.
  • Continuous learning and optimization without manual rule-setting.
  • Enhancing brand affinity and trust through relevant offerings.

Aidaptive Use Case – Real-World Applications

Aidaptive is ideal for online store owners who want to personalize their eCommerce site using AI. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Personalizing the shopping experience for every visitor.
  • Predicting and promoting the most relevant products.
  • Increasing shopping cart size and customer retention.
  • Enhancing the overall brand experience and trust.
  • Driving more first-time purchases.

Aidaptive Pricing

Aidaptive offers a 90-day free trial to help online store owners get started with their eCommerce AI platform. After the trial period, Aidaptive charges a monthly fee based on the number of visitors and orders processed by the tool. Get in touch with them to know more details.


What is Aidaptive? 

Aidaptive is an eCommerce AI platform that provides personalized shopping experiences, even for anonymous visitors.

How does Aidaptive work?

Aidaptive works by collecting data from your online store, such as products, categories, prices, inventory, orders, customers, etc. It then feeds this data into its predictive personalization engine, which uses machine learning algorithms.

How do I install Aidaptive on my online store?

To install Aidaptive, you just need to sign up for a free trial account on their website and follow the instructions to connect your store with Aidaptive. 

Is Aidaptive safe?

Ys, Aidaptive is extremely safe. It follows the best practices and standards for data protection, such as encryption, anonymization, access control, etc. 

How do I measure the impact of Aidaptive on my online store?

Aidaptive provides you with a dashboard where you can monitor and measure the performance of its eCommerce AI tool on your online store. 

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